My first blog and so the journey begins …

DSC_0234Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

IMG_0005I love when life inspires art. Roses, a thorny issue, and yet they are the inspiration for many poets and artists alike. Growing them has been an issue for me here. I am working to figure out where they would grow best and which variety will tolerate our weather best as well. Last year’s climbing rose bushes didn’t survive the winter but they were glorious while they were blooming. The rose at the top is from this year’s bush; it isn’t a climber and was planted in the ground rather than in a planter with a trellis. I’m hoping for the best.

Now the little knitted bag with embroidered roses was inspired by my garden and the grey yarn, uneven and thicker than I was going for, represents the first yarn I spun on a borrowed spinning wheel. I didn’t mind that it was uneven. I thought it made a lovely little knitted bag that I closed using a crochet hook and simple crocheted edging. No pattern, I was just having fun. The large light pink rose was done using some handspun that I made using a drop spindle. It too was imperfect but I liked it anyway.

If I let imperfect yarn or art bother me, I’d have stopped creating things long ago. I think we can only improve by first attempts, and imperfect often turns out to be beautifully unique. It’s a way of looking at things and a way of life. I hope you too are enjoying making things.

I’m not sure yet exactly where this first blog will take me, or for that matter, how this blog space will evolve but I hope you won’t mind any imperfections and watch me grow as I get more comfortable with this format and platform for journaling.

The sun is now shining, a cardinal is at my feeder, and my camera awaits.

Carpe Diem folks,


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I am a crafter, knitter, perpetual student, and photographer. I also enjoy gardening and wildlife. I share my life with three cats and a husband.

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