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Sunrise and friendship quote from the little book of Love.

What a beautiful sunshiny day! I love the first day of summer. It brings back memories of staying up late, sitting outside, listening to crickets, and waiting for the moon to come to view. School was nearly finished by now and the anticipation of a summer off was exciting. No more homework, no more getting up at a given time, no more rushing to school, just an opportunity to chase leisure and be with friends. Why do we rush it? What is it that drives us to want to age faster? And then, when we do reach a certain age, time seems to fly by and we either develop the ability to ignore it, or we start to wish that we could slow it down.

Mindfulness is something that develops, if we are lucky and if we are exposed to the idea of this, later … after all the rushing to be 16, or 18, or 21 … is done. What do I mean by mindfulness? I mean sitting in each moment and enjoying it, feeling it, living it … fully! Being in the moment, not rushing the next one without appreciating this one. Marketing doesn’t help. As summer starts, we will also see the start of “back to school” sales for September. Each holiday “sale” is announced months ahead to build anticipation and to entice those shoppers who like to be first or who plan ahead for each season. And of course, you have the bargain hunters who pounce on these announcements for a different reason and that is to take advantage of the big “end of season” sale. Only, often times, the season in question hasn’t really ended yet.

So today, I want to bask in the sunshine, bask in the beauty of this long summer day. I will be seeing friends at lunch time, where we are celebrating an impending wedding with the bride to be. The journey then of my little book on Love will end for me and move on to the bride. And later, I will meet with friends to sit and knit together as we catch up on life since we last met up in May. Interestingly, both groups of friends are knitters but the groups don’t intertwine. Knitting is something that I have done since I was probably around 4-years-old. It has brought a lot of wonderful and interesting people into my life who also shared this skill. Or, who are eager to learn it.

I think that I may bring my camera along to lunch today. There is a knitted gift that the other women worked on that I have yet to see. I look forward to seeing their work and also to seeing the bride’s face, also a knitter, when she opens up our handmade gifts.

Weddings are something else that summer brings isn’t it? This year, I know of at least two friends who are getting married. Always exciting! And of course, weddings mean flowers. Summer brings us lots of wonderful flowers and other greens to admire. My house smells of peonies at the moment. After the wind and storm the other day, we had to trim off many of the heavy blooms and stake the peonies up again, more solidly this time. So I brought in some of the blooms and left some in a vase on the deck but ended up having to bring them in too.

I love the smell of them and Earl loves to sleep under them. With his big thick coat, he needs all the shade that he can find and the peony bush provides shade and coolness from the foliage.

Pink Peony

Interesting flowers, peonies, because they grow from what seems like nothing in the spring, into big bushes of floppy flowers by late spring or early summer. They will be around for a little while and then, we’ll have just the bright green foliage again until it is time to cut it back. They are so fragrant and ants do seem to love them. Did you know the ants are attracted by the sweet nectar the flower buds produce? The flowers would still open without the help of ants but the ants actually help keep away harmful insects that would damage the blooms. The ants come for a sweet lunch and find protein on the menu too.

An interesting analogy actually, this relationship between the peonies and the ants. It isn’t unlike the groups of friends that you have who get together for some common interest. There are always some that are perhaps more challenging to be around but the draw is the camaraderie of the group, and the opportunity to talk about shared interests or share activities such as knitting. Friendships and social groups are sources of support and they do help keep away the blues, the loneliness, and provide connections that would not otherwise take place. So each of us might be like the peony, knitting like the nectar, the closest friends are like ants, and as a group we chase away the harmful thoughts and feelings that would otherwise take the bloom out of our cheeks, so to speak. But maybe I am stretching the analogy a bit far.

Relationships and tulipsI haven’t had breakfast yet so forgive me if that was a bit far fetched. Relationships though are important in life and making time to smell the peonies, or roses, is too. Just today, try not to rush things, try to savour them, the moment will pass quickly enough. Do something for yourself today that you wouldn’t normally do. Make time for you. Then share your joy with another.

Off to have breakfast now and prepare for my day.

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I am a crafter, knitter, perpetual student, and photographer. I also enjoy gardening and wildlife. I share my life with three cats and a husband.

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